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Thread: Products Thumb Images not showing

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    Products Thumb Images not showing

    I would like your help . For the following issue we have using bulk images upload.
    After we have did the bulk images upload for over 4000 products , we noticed that for some of the products ( round 300) the thumb image showing at products listing page is not showing, but when press to view those products stand alone page, the images are showing correctly. We checked if the image exist on the specified upload folder under media folder and the naming is correct and everything were fine. We also flushed the catalogue images cache and everything but the problem is still the same. I have also run sql script in order to unexclude any excluded images as i noticed that the option exclude first was set to yes and i changed it to know.
    please advice me as i really do not know what else to try.
    thanks in advance

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    Please contact our support at the following email address: support [at] (change [at] for @ there). We will try to check this with you.

    One thing to check is -- try to verify the images in your media/catalog/product folder are valid JPG files. We had a similar problem with one of our clients who was running out of disk quota and the file system was cutting off pieces of the files when it was copied to the target media folder. Magento was trying to resize it afterwards, but would fail to produce the correct thumbnail since the JPG file was broken.

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