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Thread: Can't delete Images

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    Can't delete Images

    Hi there

    We have installed "Bulk Images" version License Version: 0.1, License Date: Tue Nov 27, 2012 on our magento community version 1.6.2 . Importing has just been working fine, but when we decided to delete few images from products, the system doesn't allow us to delete the last image. It always keep showing one image at the images list. When you try to import a new image, the image remaining is replaced, but this is creating a kind of confusion for us. Would be great if we can get some clarification on this.


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    Ok, this is a bit weird. The extension does not modify the product image functionality at all. We tried very hard not to do so. So, it seems as if you may have something else going on there. Have you checked permissions? Do you have any other product image related extension installed?

    In any case, open a support ticket and give us as much info as possible so we can address it properly.

    Thank you!

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