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Thread: Imported Images assign to wrong products

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    Imported Images assign to wrong products

    Hi all, how are you?

    I have a weird issue where my imported images have mostly been imported to the wrong products. I have double checked the SKU's to ensure they correspond to the the correct SKY named Image, and I've selected a few random products in my list and cross referrenced them to the images on my Laptop and the are all named correctly and the ones on my Laptop are as I would have expected and named correctly.

    Any ideas or guidance would be grately appreciated as this makes no sense to me what so ever...?!



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    Hi Paul,

    Please send a note to the tech support at [email protected] send us samples of the product SKUs, the image names and the SKUs for the actual products these images were uploaded to.

    This could be either the case of using wrong regular expressions there or alternatively we've seen some interferences with other extensions dealing with product images.

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    The latest version of Bulk Images extension provides advanced logging capabilities, so you can look at the log and see what SKU was matched to which images. Should be a great tool for debugging items like this...

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