We are happy to announce the availability of the new and improved CSS/JavaScript Versioning and Minification extension for Magento.

New features include:

Automatic CSS/JS Versioning:
Automatically detects CSS/JS file changes (both modification time and file size). Once a change is detected a new merge file will be generated and served to users. This now eliminates to manually have to edit the version number of your CSS or JS merged file.

CSS and JS Minification:
A new feature was added with this release: CSS and Javascript Minification. Based on best practices by Google and Yahoo!'s Rules for High Performance Web Sites, the extension will now by default minify the JavaScript and CSS combined files after they got merged. We have seen significant gains in file size and page load speed as a result of this best practice.

We recommend all existing users to upgrade to the latest version.

Find more details about new improved version here:

Activo Team.