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Thread: Zen cart to Magento SEO help

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    Zen cart to Magento SEO help

    I am running a eCommerce site and planning to swtich Zen cart frame work to Magento framework. my current version of site have good status on search engine. So I am little worry about for new version of my site. I am looking solution for how i can preserve previous site seo status to new one?. I have some question like that.
    should I have use 301 redirection code for previous page to new page?.
    what type bots or file & folders I have to blog in Robots.txt file.
    Should I generate xml sitemap again.
    Some of my site products comming on other site so my page url is
    then I change it as follow

    does this url perfect for search engine perspective?.

    please suggest your expertise view.

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    eCommerce site works efficient if your new url structure index by search engine, for that you must need to crawl your newer url format. You may try web master tool and such on page operation.

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    I highly recommend setting up 301 redirects for all of your pages, regardless of how your old or new URLs look like. We just recently have seen a 50% drop in traffic in a client that has not implemented the redirects properly. It takes about a year to see the drops in traffic but it will happen.


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