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Thread: Conversion code cannot in thank you page (Chrome)

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    Conversion code cannot in thank you page (Chrome)

    Hi there,

    I have installed this extension to my store and it is working good. However, I found that it is not working good with chrome.

    I could not see the conversion tracking code in the thank you page if I check out the order with chrome.

    I have tried with firefox and IE, both are no problem.

    Can you please advise? Thanks in advance.


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    Hi BT,

    That is a bit weird as the extension is definitely not browser specific. All we do is output a certain JS code on the checkout success page. Have you looked into clearing your cache or perhaps making sure that your theme is setup to always pull out the same theme package/theme name?

    Let me know what else you can find out about this issue, or contact us via the support desk from within your account on our


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    Chrome is now updated and I don't see this problem any more.

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