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Thread: Feature Request - Import images for non-visible items

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    Feature Request - Import images for non-visible items

    Currently, this extension only imports images for visible products.

    We have many configurable products where the individual color options are not visible individually, but we have another extension that allows us to use the images associated with each simple color item as the color swatch on the parent configurable item, so we need to be able to import images for non-visible simple items.

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    Hi Skye,

    Yes, your request has been implemented, version 1.1.7 and above will now have the ability to select the type of filtering they want applied to the collection of products that will be matched with the image files. The options will be visible in catalog, search, both or ALL products. If you select the 'All' option it will include the non-visible products in the store. This feature is available since January 20th, 2012.


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