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Thread: improvement suggestions for bulk images

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    improvement suggestions for bulk images

    1. Allow for png and other image formats (jpeg, jpg, maybe even gif?) to be imported.

    2. SEO: allow for prod name or other value to be either prefixed or postfixed to the destination filename.

    3. Show details of the import report, i.e. which SKUs got imported, which did not, etc.

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    We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Activo Bulk Images Upload and SEO Magento extension version 1.5.0, which implements some of the features above:

    1. Now supports JPG, PNG and GIF files import.
    2. New image SEO feature allows renaming images on the fly based on the product name (choice of several available naming schemes) for better image SEO.
    3. Now support Muti Site installations (when you have multiple stores configured for a sigle Magento installation.
    4. Now uses the new Magento Connect Manager package installation process for simplified installation.

    Users, who purchased the older versions of this extension are eligible for a free upgrade -- just contact us via email or via the contact form for the promo code to download the new version.

    Check it out here:

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    On improvement part it would be better if the extension supports different image format. Anyhow the features on Activo Bulk Images was cool!!!

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    What do you mean by different image format?

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