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Thread: Product Thumbnails in the Shopping Cart

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    Product Thumbnails in the Shopping Cart


    I'm using the uploader for all my images and love it. The only problem I'm having now is that when I select a colorway for a product, the configurable thumbnail is used in the shopping cart. For example: Let's say I have a shirt with two colorways, Black and White. The Black shirt image is the main product thumbnail, if I select White in large the image changes to White on the product page. When I add it to my cart and go to the shopping cart page, the thumbnail for the product is Black.

    On the System Sales Configuration page I have the "Grouped Product Image" & "Configurable Product Image" settings set to the "Product Thumbnail Itself" option selected. As of right now we are uploading one image to the configurable using [sku]-B-1 and one image to each colorway child using [sku]_[colorway]_[size]-B-1. But only one child product from each colorway gets an image, specified by the size. So if White has 4 sizes (S,M,L,XL) only one size variation gets the image, usually the one with most in quantity. In this case let's say Large.

    These would be the images uploaded:

    My question is, how can I get the correct colorway image in the shopping cart. Does each child product need an image assigned to it? Shouldn't the "Product Thumbnail Itself" option accomplish this since it knows what image is associated with which colorway option?

    Thanks in advance for any advice, hopefully that's not too convoluded.

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    You probably enabled the "Attach config to simple" option in the Bulk Images Upload extension. This option causes Bulk Images to copy first image from the configurable product to the simple products that it consists of. If you disable that option, it should not update image (including the the thumbnail) for the simple products.

    Hope this helps.


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