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Thread: Extension does not work with multi cart

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    Extension does not work with multi cart

    I installed your search extension in my dev site first to play around with. I was satisfied with the search results that it was providing. Good job.
    When I went to install it in one of our additional sites, I could not get the search function to work the same way as in my dev site.. But If I test the search on the default
    site, it work 100%.

    www. h o m e i n d o o r . c o m - not woking on this site

    but works on www.r o h l . c o use the site search on the lower bottom.

    tested and works fine on dev site r o h l .c o

    and yes those do say .co

    What could I be doing wrong.


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    All has been fixed. The search works on all of the stores now.
    I set the search to Use Website & Website to use Default.

    This seem to do the trick. Would I would like to know is what different about the paid version that you are currently offering for sales compared to this free version?

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    At the moment our automatic search refinement will check if the refinement returns zero results, it will revert back to be a 'OR' search so you get some results. This according to some of our clients is desired as you never want to show zero results to your customers when they search your site.

    Our Advanced Search Extension has a bunch of extra features such as enhanced search suggest - as the user types, if they typed a mistake or something similar to what you actually have in your catalog, the suggest will show 'Did you mean KEYWORD?' messages. There are a lot variables and stuff you can configure. The search also lets admins decide if they want the search to be performed on the best matching KEYWORD rather then the user's typo automatically, generating the correct results.

    We are currently working to enhance the Advanced Search Extension to include further features regarding the actual search results. Let us know what features you would like to see and we will definitely evaluate!


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    Sounds great, glad you were able to figure it out. It is always a tricky business when you manage multiple websites from the single codebase.

    Regarding paid versions for search refinement -- there are two versions currently:

    1. Automatic Search Refinement Magento extension by Activo -- this is very similar to the Catalog Search Refinement (FREE) extension with few additional options -- basically you can turn on and off refinement from the config panel or user the "automatic refinement" mode when it generates "refined" search results, however if the number of results is zero or below certain minimum threshold (configurable from the admin panel), it will fall back to the default search behavior and show all results that match ANY of the keywords entered by user.

    2. Advanced Search Magento extension by Activo -- this is a more advanced search functionality implementing a number of significant changes. We are currently actively adding new features, so you should check the extension description for latest details. But briefly here are some of the features:
    - It builds the internal indexing dictionary for all words it finds in product name (and also other product attributes you select).
    - When user starts typing, it provides the autocomplete with different variants of the word from this dictionary ("did you mean ...") similar to Google search -- this will help if users have a typo and/or take in account the plurals (like shoe/shoes).
    - It can add additional word variants to the search query by word similarity distance, configurable in the admin panel. So, again, will take care of word variants/plurals.
    - Ability to pre-sort results by certain attributes (configurable): such as name, price, number of sales (bestsellers) etc.
    - It also implements all the functionality currently present in all other versions of the Search refinement extension offered by Activo.

    As I mentioned, we are currently adding a lot of new features, so check the extension page soon for the latest list. If there is any features you want to be added there, please offer your suggestions.

    Also if you buy any of the Professional versions of our extensions, you will be eligible for free upgrades to the newer releases within the major version, meaning that you will be able to get new versions with all new features as we release them.

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